Computer REPAIR

Desktops, Laptops & All-in-Ones  

Windows XP-7-8-10, Linux

I have degree in Electronics Technology and work as an Engineering Technician in Product Development for 26 years and used Computers daily for design and Test/Measurement Tool.  I have always had a PC at home and was always rebuilt, upgraded and improving my PCs. After leaving Engineering, it just made sense to share my passion for technology with my neighbors. Now, I am the sole owner/operator of GC Tek Services, LLC, that is based in my home in Tacoma, WA. I repair and upgrade all kinds of computers. Take a look at my Services page to get an idea of what I can provide. If your desktop's hard drive is making a bad sound, your laptop has stopped charging, or your screen is cracked, I’m here to help. If your computer starts acting up, it could have a malware infection. Check out my News&Tips page to see how I can clean it up for you and how to keep it that way. Let me help you get it fixed right!  Give me a call or shoot an email TODAY!



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