Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Parts: There are many devices with unique parts. Because of that, I don't normally stock repair parts. These are usually ordered at the time of repair. When a repair requires special parts, I will provide a delivery time estimate and shipping costs along with the total repair costs.

Model #: For an accurate estimate I will need the manufacturer and full model number of the device. Manufactures don't always make it easy to find this information. Often, you'll see this on a label at the side, bottom or in the compartment under the removable battery. If you need help, give me a call or bring the item by and I will be happy to help you.

If your computer has a good Internet connection I can help you with a lot of things by connecting our computers through the Internet. I can take control of your computer from my computer and you can show me the problem you're having and watch why I work, or you can just go about your business and I'll let you know when I'm done. Over remote connection I can remove malware, install programs, adjust Windows and program settings and much more. Before you remote session you will need to call or email me to arrange a time that we can both be at our computers to start the session.

Internet Remote Support Services

Downloading the
Remote Software

First you will need to download and install the software that allows the computers to connect to each other over the Internet.  By clicking on the button below and your computer will download the customized software from 

External link opens in new tab or window
After the download is completed, run the downloaded program (by double-clicking it or selecting run) to install it on your computer. Before the program can install, you must give it permission by clicking 'Run' or 'Allow' in the security warning for the TeamViewer application .
  After about 30 seconds, the GCTek Remote window will open like the one you see below. Give GCTek the 9 digit ID number by phone or by email, your ID number is like an address so that my computer can find yours on the Internet. I will enter your ID into my computer and that will start the session.